Stay warm.

Compact, refillable, and with a solid die-cast body, the X.100 Survival lighter is made to withstand anything. An O-ring under the cap stops moisture leaking in and fuel leaking out - keeping your lighter ready at a moment’s notice - and an emergency firestarter is tucked away inside to help in harsh conditions.

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X.100 Survival Lighter

Lighter, firestarter storage and heavyweight design. The X.100 is a beast of a lighter for the discerning camper.

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Color: Orange

Available in 2 styles.




While we could have crammed everything into a capsule a little over 2" tall, we wanted to give the X.100 room to breathe. Why? Because with that little extra height, we could get creative. We added a hollow space inside the main body - just below the lighter mechanism - that stores an emergency firestarter. By extending the cap, we've added enough room for a 1/4", 550 paracord lanyard. And with a little extra width, we've made it big enough to grip in any gloves. Sometimes, making things a little bigger just pays off.

Designed for any conditions.

With it's defined contours and well-placed cutouts, the X.100 is accessible no matter how thick your gloves are. We wanted something that was easy to hold but didn't look like it, and after hundreds of iterations, we landed on the X.100. With it's waterproof seal it'll also hold its fuel for longer, and won't let any pesky water inside to rust out the sensitive parts.

Get out there.

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