Our Story


The beginning

Our story started in 2016 when we launched a crowdfunding campaign for our multitool innovation. It went on to become the highest funded multitool in crowdfunding history.

Design passion

We are passionate about design, materials and technology and heavily invest in research and development to create original innovations. The M100 pocket multitool was the first of such innovations and set the benchmark for more to follow.

Currently the M100 has been available to the market since Sept 2017. Over this period we have seen significant demand for it further cementing the markets desire for such a product offering.

Our founder

Mike Chijoff is a thinker, a passionate designer and a tenacious adventurer. After many years of designing products for start-ups through to corporates Mike now uses his extensive experience in material science, production planning, supply chain and logistics, product design and development to creat cool stuff for your everyday adventures. Why? Because life is one big adventure and it’s too short to be lived with things that don’t make it better.