Card Tool
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1/4" Tool bit socket
Bottle Opener
Universal wrench


Customise your next adventure

Be prepared

With 25 functions built into it's tough, compact frame, the M.010 will always be on hand to get you out of a pinch.

Don't compromise on comfort

The M.010 is a credit card tool designed to be used. No exposed cutters or uncomfortable edges - just a smooth, ergonomic, carabiner-inspired shape.

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Ready when you are


Rope Cutter

Slice through rope, paracord or cable ties with ease using the M.010's enclosed cutter. With no exposed edges, you can carry with the confidence you won't tear up your wallet.

Scraper / Pry bar

Stubborn staples, loose nails, or even rocks in the soles of your shoes - the M.010's chiseled scraper will come in handy as an all-round utility tool.

Bottle Opener

Free your keychain from it's bulky bottle opener and switch to something sleeker. The M.010's carabiner-inspired shape gives you optimal leverage for a clean open.

Universal wrench

Universal wrench left, metric wrench on the right. With it's flat profile and 16 supported sizes, you should have all your bases covered.

After a couple days, I didn't even notice it was there. At least, not until my seat post came loose on my ride to work - then, I was glad I had it.



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