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Heavy duty socket
High torque socket
12-piece toolpack


Customise your next adventure
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A toolbox to go

A companion piece to the M.100 multitool, the MX.01 is equipped with a comprehensive set of Phillips, Flat, Torx and Allen Key bits - giving you the tools you need to tackle repairs in any context.

Keep your tools ready

No more sifting through cupboards and sheds - the M.100X fits neatly into any kitchen drawer, catch tray or glovebox, keeping the tools you need in easy reach.

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For your everyday


Interchangeable tool bits

The MX.01 comes equipped with twelve 1/4” hex bits, which can be fitted, stored or swapped with any loaded inside the M.100 multitool. Customise your carry to suit your needs.

Compact and lightweight

A little larger than a matchbox, the MX.01 delivers the versatility of a toolbox in the most compact form possible. Carry it in your pocket, throw it in your bag or stash it in the glovebox.

Made for the unlikeliest jobs

The MX.01 comes equipped for the things you least expect, from assembling flat-pack furniture to adjusting a tripod to attaching a snowboard binding.

Bottle opener

What better way to relax at the end of a long ride? With an ergonomic grip and stainless steel leverage, the M.110 will keep the drinks flowing for years to come.

Finger-safe package opener

Using the same tough composite as the body, the M.100’s touch-safe package opener cuts through tape and plastic with ease.

Universal wrench

Stacked in a convenience row, and with enough tolerance for both metric and imperial bolts, the M.100’s spanner set is perfect for getting out of a pinch.

The Tactica M100 stands out from the rest as a truly tech- and travel friendly EDC multi-tool

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MX.01 Toolpack Specifications


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