Bike Multitool
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Compact, nesting design
Heavy-duty socket
Removable tire levers


Customise your next adventure

Made for the road

Using the same lightweight and durable composite as the original M.100, the M.110 Bike Multitool is fitted with the tools and accessories you need to get out of a pinch on the road.

A travel companion

With a non-scratch surface and weighing in at only 45 grams (1.6 oz), the M.110 is made for the weight-conscious cyclist. Leave the bulky kit behind and set off with confidence.

Product Details


Get out there


Tough and durable

Made of the same uncompromising material as our multitools, the M.110’s tire levers are tough enough for any wheel - and, by omitting metal, won’t scratch up your precious rims.

Expanded storage

In addition to the two bits already stored in the M.110, the tire levers hold an additional pair - giving you the tools you need to tackle any on-the-road repair.

Heavy-duty driver

Supported by a stainless steel insert, the front driver socket is capable of delivering more than 10 Nm of force - enough to tighten even the most stubborn of screws.

Bottle opener

What better way to relax at the end of a long ride? With an ergonomic grip and stainless steel leverage, the M.110 will keep the drinks flowing for years to come.

Finger-safe package opener

Using the same tough composite as the body, the M.100’s touch-safe package opener cuts through tape and plastic with ease.

Universal wrench

Stacked in a convenience row, and with enough tolerance for both metric and imperial bolts, the M.100’s spanner set is perfect for getting out of a pinch.

Thanks to its bladeless design and unique non-scratch composite material construction, it'll keep your pockets light, screens pristine, and tasks handled no matter where you're headed.


Tyre lever Specifications


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$49.95 USD Add to Basket