Hex Toolkit
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Securely carries twelve tool bits
Removable extender
Heavy duty driver


Customise your next adventure
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Adapts to you

The M.250 comes equipped with twelve distinct tool bits which can be swapped, removed and replaced at will. Thinking of taking up cycling? Load up on TORX bits and Allen keys, and you’re away.

Always in reach

The M.250’s removable case features both a belt clip and magnetic mounting point, so you can store it how you want, where you want.

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Extend your reach


A diverse inventory

Among the M.250’s screwdrivers are a set of Allen keys, TORX bits and eyeglass drivers, giving you the tools you need to tackle the most unexpected of repairs.

Magnetic storage

The M.250’s holster comes equipped with a powerful N52 magnet, readily snapping onto any ferritic surface. From the shed to the car to the kitchen, it’ll always be in reach.

Reach obscure screws

With a 50mm (2”) extender, the M.250 can access screws in the unlikliest of places, and, with magnetic retention, you won’t be losing 

Heavy-duty driver

Made using the same engineered composite as our M.100, and reinforced with a stainless steel insert, the M.250’s 1/4” driver will survive up to 10Nm of force.

Removable holster

Tough yet flexible, the M.250’s holster creates a secure shell around it’s bank of screwdriver bits - keeping your tool together and your bag safe.

The Tactica M250 represents a one-stop-shop solution for tackling any screwdriver task you might face, no matter where you are.



M.250 Hex ToolkitStandard

$49.95 USD Add to Basket