M.250 Hex Drive Toolkit FAQ

General M.250 FAQ

Find answers to your most burning questions about the M.250 Hex Drive Toolkit.

M.250 Functions explained

In this section, we'll go into detail how each function of the M.250 works.

Removing the M.250 from it's case

There's a bit of a trick to it, but once you understand it's easy. Just brace your thumb against the top of the holster, and press up with your fingers from beneath. The M.250 is locked in place by two small tabs, so you should hear a click as it unlocks.

To re-insert it, just push it back into the holster until you hear a click.

Removing tool bits from the M.250

To take out a tool bit, just rest your thumb on the side and push. You might find better leverage on the "shoulder", where the hexagonal body transitions to the screwdriver bit.

Removing tool bits and using the screwdriver

First, remove the extender with your finger (image 1). Fit your fingernail into the small notch if you need more grip.

Then, turn the M.250 around to access the screwdriver socket (image 2). Insert the extender.

Remove a tool bit (image 3, as explained in the instructions above), and insert it into the extender (image 4). You're ready to go!

Alternatively, if you don't need an extender, you can just insert the tool bit into the socket from step 2.

Belt Clip

Just lineup your holster with your belt or pocket and slide it over.

Magnetic retention

If you want to mount your M.250 on a cupboard, shelf or fridge, the magnet on the side of the holster will hold it in place.

Just insert it into the holster, and hold it up to connect.