M.110 Bike Multitool FAQ

General M.110 FAQ

Find answers to your most burning questions about the M.110 Multitool.

M.110 Functions explained

In this section, we'll go into detail how each function of the M.110 works.

Removing and using the tyre levers

The M.110 comes with 2 tyre levers magnetically attached to the core multitool. Simply pry them apart to remove them, and re-align them to magnetically snap them together again.

Once removed, they can be used as traditional tire levers. Wedge the hooked end of the lever between the rim and tire, and work your way around, flexing the tire away from the rim as you go. Eventually, the tire will pop off, ready for repairs.

Removing tool bits and using the screwdriver

Two screwdriver bits are stored inside the M.110 multitool, secured by a rubber stopper. To unlock the storage tube, just pinch the wide part of the rubber stopper and peel it away from the body, as shown in image 2.

Once open, you can access the tool bits inside by tipping them out. If they get stuck on the small magnet, just tap it into your palm to let it loose.

Re-seal the rubber stopper and insert your tool bit, then you're ready to go.

Universal wrench

The steel core of the M.110 doubles as a wrench for both metric and imperial nuts & bolts.

To use it, line up your bolt with the zig-zag cutout and place it on top. Remember, lefty-loosy, righty-tighty.

Package opener

Cut through tape and plastic wrapping without damaging your delivery inside. Line up the hooked talon of the M.110 with the tape seam and swipe it through for a clean cut.

Heavy-duty screwdriver socket

This socket gives you a better grip and more torque, but be aware the screwdriver bit is not secured when using it. You'll need to brace it with your thumb as you turn.

Just put your screwdriver bit into the cutout on the side of the steel core and get to work.


You won't be measuring up a house with these rulers, but they do come in handy when you least expect them.

Bottle Opener

Brace the rippled edge of the bottlecap against the steel core, and the flat top of the bottlecap against the plastic body. Lever up, and the cap comes right off.