M.020 Camping Card Tool FAQ

General M.020 FAQ

Find answers to your most burning questions about the M.020 Camping Card Tool.

M.020 Functions explained

In this section, we'll go into detail how each function of the M.020 works.


Remove the firestarter from the M.020 by gripping the rubber handle and pulling it away from the body (image 1).

Line up the ferrocerium rod with the serrated teeth on the inside cutting edge (image 2), and then strike it away from you (image 3). It may take a few strikes to wear away the outside layer, and don't be afraid to put some strength into it! If you're too gentle, the flint won't scrape away and produce sparks.

Rope cutter

Thread your rope over the internal cutter, and saw along the sharp edge to cut.

Tent peg puller

Remove stubborn tent pegs by hooking them around the left arm of the M.020. The right arm has the blade along it, so be careful not to use it instead and dull the edge.

Flat screwdriver

For spur-of-the-moment repairs, the M.020 has a small integrated flat screwdriver on it's tapered end. For the best grip, either hold and wrench from the side, or try to line up the screw along the screwdriver tip's axis.

Rope tensioner

If rough weather snaps the plastic tensioners on your guy ropes, the M.020 can work as a perfect stand-in until you get back to town.

Firstly, thread the rope coming from your tent through the 2 cutouts in the body (images 1 and 2). Then, create a loop and pass it back toward the M.020 (image 3). Finally, loop the rope around the M.020's body again (image 4 and 5), and tie it off in a knot.

Now, you can take the loop from step 3 and hook it around your tent-peg.

Bottle Opener

Brace the rippled edge of the bottlecap against the wide edge of the cutout, and lever upwards for a clean open.


First, place the M.020 on a flat surface facing North (if you're in the Northern hemisphere) or South (in the Southern hemisphere).

Then, place something thin in the hole at the top of the M.020. This could be a twig, matchstick or needle.

The shadow of the sun should now tell you a rough approximation of the time.