M.010 Credit Card Tool FAQ

General M.010 FAQ

Find answers to your most burning questions about the M.010 Credit Card Tool.

M.010 Functions explained

In this section, we'll go into detail how each function of the M.010 works.

Universal wrench

The M.010 is equipped with a full compliment of metric and imperial wrenches. Line up your bolt with the zig-zag pattern on either side of the tool, and find a slot that fits. Lower it in place, and twist away.

Flat screwdriver

For spur-of-the-moment repairs, the M.010 has a small integrated flat screwdriver on it's tapered end. For the best grip, either hold and wrench from the side, or try to line up the screw along the screwdriver tip's axis.

Pry bar

Opposite the screwdriver tip of the M010 is a small slanted surface that doubles as a scraper and pry bar. If you ever need to loose a nail, remove paperclips or scratch away some gunk, the M.010's here for you. Keys everywhere can rejoice.

Rope cutter

Used for cutting small rope, twine and fishing wire. Just make a loop where you want to cut, thread it through the hole in the center of the M.010, and saw it back and forth to cut.

Heavy-duty screwdriver socket (tool bit not included)

If you've got a spare tool bits laying around, the M.010 can double as a makeshift handle. Be aware the screwdriver bit is not secured when using it, so you'll need to brace it with your thumb or position it in a way where it won't fall out.

Just put your screwdriver bit into the hexagonal cutout and get to work.

Bottle Opener

Brace the rippled edge of the bottlecap against the wide edge of the cutout, and lever upwards for a clean open.