Co-branding with Tactica

More meaningful than a pen or a mug.

Our branded gear is a gift your recipients won't be throwing away. We use premium materials, clean packaging and great design to make something that's not just cool - it's useful.

More than your logo.

Thinking of something a bit more elaborate? We'll work with you to create custom artwork that brings your brand to life. Recreate your home state's topography on a carry case, or engrave a futuristic hex pattern to make your gear stand out.

Brand anything.

From multitools to knives to bottle openers and more, our custom-designed gear covers every walk of life. Talk with us to figure out what will suit your audience best.

Branded gear that fits your identity.

Don't just settle for stamping your brand on the box. We'll work with you to print custom patterns, engrave new designs, and make your gear truly stand out.

Laser engraving


Let's make something awesome.

Reach out, and we'll be in touch soon.