Test Pilot Program
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Versatile mounting system
Variable brightness 1000-lumen LED
Carry how you like

Get involved and have your voice heard

Under the Tactica Test Pilot program you will get exclusive access to prototypes of our next product in development, along with inside news on progress, and a chance to help direct our product development with your feedback.

What's next

1) If you haven't already, you'll need to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

2) You will be required to pay a small refundable fee (on this page) which will be repaid once you provide your video review and testimonial. We'll cover the shipping costs.

3) You will agree to go out and test the product within a week of receiving it.

4) You will provide a video testimonial and review of the product.

5) You will agree to participate in further surveys or feedback based on your review.

6) You will help us get the word out about launch campaigns or crowdfunding.

Product Details

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F.100 Test Pilot ProgramPrototype

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